Thursday, July 29, 2010

24 weeks and 2 days.

-This month is severe growing time...I'm talking "big MAMA " status now. Even what my husband likes to call, "panda bear". Cute right? Way Better than "damn huge elephant woman!" 
   Since my last post, Quite a few things have been changing with the boys, and no so much me :D To start they should weigh about hmmm, I'm going to guess and say 1.6-1.8 pounds each. Terrific growth! They should be about the size of corn on the cob, which makes me wonder every day how the hell they are fitting into such a tight space...but that explains the uncontrollable bladder. 
-This week alone the babies have rapidly developing senses and are able to sense upside down and vice versa. They can also hear my voice as well as others...Like my daughters/husbands!  This would be the perfect time to start singing and reading to them although,I always felt weird doing that part so I just cranked up the music I loved and hoped they would do a jig or learn to love what I love as well. They are also producing "surfacent" if that's spelled right. This is like an oily substance that will help expand their lungs and kick start them once they are out of my tummy :D It's just amazing the many transitions and things they go through just to bake perfectly :D

   As for me this week, I finally had what us preggy people or already existing mothers like to call...Sausage toes. I am no longer able to stand for long periods of time or walk without getting those beautiful puppies. Ha, beautiful my butt. So uncomfortable! Gladly, I can officially stop working august 30th. Sounds way far away but I need to try to pay down my bills before husband has the job of doing so...oh and buying all the baby stuff.Sheeeesh, I always forget how expensive that stuff is.
 OFF subject,
where was I? Oh yeah...
I can breathe, but I tend to get short of breath a lot and feel my blood pressure go up. I need to keep it down so I don't have to end up doing the dreaded bed rest. Especially since that is virtually impossible with 2 kids already! 
  I also have a terrible symptom I don't recall with my girls. That is my arms going numb when I sleep at night. Weird right? I can't seem to figure out why this is. Bad circulation? Doubtful. Could it be part of carpal tunnel syndrome? VERY likely considering I've had that twice with both girls. Never the numbness though. We'll have to wait till my next appointment to see :/

Here are some other ongoing symptoms I still have though :
Round ligament pain
leg cramps at night
Glow of pregnancy
Change in sexual desire...TMI..sorry LOL
Hearty Appetite
Sleep Changes
Heartburn like a bitch.
Now elephant feet
Spine curving due to my huge Padonky.

other than that, everything else is a piece of cake. MMmmm cake, why do I do this to myself!

Cravings this week
Obviously that scrumptious cake
Soda Soda Soda
STEAK!!! I need it. 

not too much different than other times...
My next appointment is...very soon. Another ultrasound as well as checkup. :D Until my 25th week, I'll talk to you all later!!!



Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's finally done!

As Much as I love throwing birthday parties for my lil princesses, It gets tiring and stressful!!!
Luckily, That day was yesterday. It's over and done with now but the turnout for the girls was awesome and the party was successful!
   I tried to sleep in for once (HA!) Saturday morning, but I was woken up by a really quiet, small voice singing something to the sorts of..."Today we are going to art sports for my birthday party..." right next to my ears! I turned around and noticed my now 5 year old, kayleigh all dressed with shoes AND socks ready to rock the day out...
 "Kayleigh ,hunny...what're you doing?? It's only 8:30?!" To which then she proceeded to remind me yet again that it was the big day!!! So cute. It's funny, I cant get them dressed fast enough for anything else, but hell- when it's a bday party I can expect them up earlier than me. Adorable.
   The party wasn't until 4pm, so we just hung out and went to lunch before. Abigail didn't want to take a nap. I didn't think that was a good idea, but then again the other mommy part of me wanted to wear her out for an early bedtime. Is that wrong? Poor munchkin! she is so persistent and did not fall asleep once...
   Once we got there-kayleigh and Abigail were both ready to play play play!! I had to stop them and get everything organized and situated. The kids from her class started showing up, one by one...How exciting considering past bday parties with my kayleigh were a fail and no kids showed. That warmed my heart to see her so happy to see some of her friends from school. They both started running around, ready to go jump on trampolines and fall into pits of foam (totally fun if i wasn't an elephant) . They played with their friends for about an hour and a half then it was time for cake and the much awaited...presents!!!
   The two didn't care for food much because hell, being a kid the only thing that matters is presents...who cares about food unless it's cake!
  So they went at it,and got loaded on some really cute things. Thank god (emphasizing this part) that we cleaned out kayleighs room beforehand and rid the room of unwanted,unloved toys...Because now..we are going to have to reload it with all her baby dolls etc! Insane how spoiled kids are!

  Anywho, needless to say the girls had a wonderful day. I am thrilled that they did but also very worn out. It was worth every minute to see them smile and have fun though. :D Now, that July is officially over, the next big thing I really am awaiting is the day I pop these lil ninja boys out...November 16th. That is, if I don't go beforehand.<3


Thursday, July 22, 2010

23 weeks +2 days

My appointment was today!
   Woke up at 630 to get everyone out the door on time. I was scheduled to do an anatomy ultrasound, glucose test, and follow up with my doctor! Everything went great. I watched my sons squirm and fight already! Son B was kicking Son A in the head...I guess that means sibling rivalry is starting early after all!
    The reason behind not saying names yet is because we are in the process of still choosing the best possible names for our sons. It's harder than you think. To find something that will stick with them for the rest of their lives is difficult because you don't want something that can cause them to be made fun of and you want something that fits the family perfect. Nicknames also have to be picked out with both to make sure they don't sound dumb as well. For instance Kayleighs nickname is Kaybear, Abigails nickname is Abby or Abby jae. They fit perfectly.
     Besides finding their names, I already got to see their shiny little faces. Son B was up by my lung area and was more than willing to give us the perfect side profile. He has his daddy's nose already. I can see it.

and son A (the lower sitting son) wasn't too sure he wanted to be seen yet...He was being shy. However, he did decide to show a part of his personality already by grinning at the screen like he was saying "HA HA" Like I said, you'll have to look closely, his face is on the left :D

Can you see it? My boys seem to have a since of humor already!
They both weighed great! one at 1 lb. 5oz and the other one 1 lb. 3 oz. So not too different which is perfect.

before the ultrasound I had to guzzle down the not so yummy  glucose drink. Yuck! Thank god they've added more flavors to their selection compared to 5 years ago. I had to literally chug it before I went in and then wait an hour for them to draw blood. Let me just say that this pregnancy does not like sweet all. Besides the cake,chocolate I mean. The fact that I had to consume it within that time limit as well at 830 am almost made me hurl.'s over and done with now. Hopefully good results, considering multiple pregnancies tend to have mommies carry high blood pressure or diabetes. :/

It's always nice seeing the growth and knowing everything is going smoothly. I noticed pregnant people tend to worry a lot AKA Me. What better a gift than to see my two boys play/fight on the ultrasound tv today for my anniversary!   

Nothing much has changed minus my circumference yet again. I popped out into what my sister in law and I call a torpedo shape. I cant wear much of the same clothes and I am burning up in this weather. My hips hurt really bad at night during my CRAPPY sleep and although I still use a preggy pillow, it doesn't seem to help in most cases. My meal portions have been cut down to snack portions and I can no longer eat a huge meal. Otherwise horrible indigestion will accrue and what feels like acid reflux. I haven't swelled up anymore and  total weight gain is 21 lbs. Not too shabby. And that my friends is my update!!!
I'd better go snack on something now so the lil stinkers can continue to grow, I'll update soon!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No more mirrors.

In just one week alone I have managed to grow into the size of an elephant. I don't think I like it. Not to mention if I hear one more person say I'm huge or I look like I'm going to pop...I will scream and punch someone in the face.

I feel disgusting.
  I don't even want to leave my house for the sake of people staring at me...
and I definitely feel alien in my own skin...

I really wish I wouldn't grow anymore because I might just have to stay out of the public/family eye until I pop... :(

Here's why I feel so huge:

Compared to last week, I am ginormous. Most of my shirts don't fit anymore and I can feel the skin tightening and stretching by my belly button.
I don't know if I can do this.

I''ll do an actual update after my appointment thursday



Monday, July 19, 2010

So I figured

I figured that since this is my "mommy-kids" blog that i should do more blogging about my other angels and not just my pregnancy. Time passes quickly and I want to be able to look back and remember these things in writing...

July is such a busy month.
  I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to create a good celebration for my girls' bday parties as well as make sure they have a great actual birthday.
  Abigail turned 2 on july 15th. It's insane thinking that she's two already. She's my baby and she's changed so much. Just one more year and she'll be in preschool. How emotional I will be!!! We went to chuck E Cheese for her birthday and she had a blast. She somehow made 79 tickets and bought herself 2 suckers and an airhead. Which, she shared a sucker for sissy.
   Next is Jareds birthday. Which is tomorrow!!! I gave him his present early because I suck at keeping surprises...I get too excited. I am hoping to have a wonderful day with him though. July 22nd is our anniversary! Another big celebration! See what I mean? July is nuts!!! I am planning on taking him to the place we got married for a nice dinner.
   July 23rd is Kayleighs birthday. She will be a big 5. My first born is already 5 and such a bright, beautiful little girl. So emotional as well. I tear up thinking that soon she'll be starting kindergarten. It's a beautiful thing watching your first baby grow and learn things like crawling,walking,talking,singing,playing, using her imagination,making friends etc. She's a beautiful young lady and I want nothing to ever harm her. Of course not Abigail either, but Kayleigh is my precious one. She's so fragile and emotional that it breaks me to see someone be mean to her. Abigail will be able to hold her own...she's a lot like her mama.
    The girls are having a dual bday party for friends and family this saturday. Kayleigh is so excited to see some of her classmates and of course to get presents. After this weekend, it's the end of such a hectic month and the start of readying my oldest for school. :D it'll be weird having her gone for a full day, but she'll learn so much.
   that's my post on my children and why I have been so busy. I'll update tomorrow probably since I will officially be 23 weeks and i'll talk a little bit about that. For now, I'll end it on a great note by thinking about memories on my babies...

don't take anything for granted because life flies by and your children are not children forever. They grow and become independent. It makes you wish they still relied on mommy to make everything better.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

22 Weeks!

I'm hoping I don't annoy anyone by posting what looks like every week entries.Milestones tend to change though and I love blogging about those changes.

Alright, 22 weeks! My sons now weigh about 12 oz. or probably even 13-14. I definitely don't notice myself gaining weight other than my stomach area because it feels like my little boys are taking literally everything I eat. I feel like I get nothing. lol which is pretty comedic. It'll probably make it easy to lose once they are here. I look like I am all baby, or babies i should say :D
As for weight gain, I've gained 19 lbs. Sounds like a lot, but it's actually right on target of where I need to be. My doctor says I need to gain a total of 50-60 lbs so that all sounds about right. I usually don't gain a lot anyways until my last trimester. My cravings haven't really at all been cravings and I tend to stick to the smaller meals/snacking throughout the day routine. Seems to be working. It's insane how different this pregnancy is with everything than when I was carrying my girls.

Symptoms during 21-22 weeks and If I am experiencing them:

Nasal stuffiness- Not so much anymore, it has finally subsided :D

Bleeding gums<--this sounds terrible, it should be better labeled at "sensitive gums" no, I don't have this one :D

Sensitivity to sun- My eyes, yes. everything seems to strain it outside. 

Constipation- Luckily no. 

Anemia- Not that I know of?

Leakage from Nipples- not to freak anyone out but, yes. Right about now is when multiple pregnancies start producing milk...

Abdomen larger- Ooooh yes. LOL

Stretch marks- Not yet. Since im looking "ready to pop" now I'm sure i'll get my fair share of them soon.

Sleep changes- Yes. I sleep terribly due to my hips.

decrease in urination- not even close....still. lol

What about my cravings???
Well, I haven't really experienced anything really. Thus, why I stated it's been a totally different pregnancy. You'd think with two in there you'd have twice the cravings. Not so much for me. The only things Ive craved this week were

weird, right? 

That's pretty much my 22 weeks update. Kind of short...somewhat informational...and hopefully fun? I'll post a belly pic later on this week, if not wait until my 23 week.
 I have my next ultrasound/glucose test/checkup next thursday, july 22. until then- I have a busy busy week of readying my girls for their birthdays :D 
Thanks for reading. If you have any questions- feel free to ask :D

Monday, July 5, 2010

21 weeks

21 weeks tomorrow.
  It's starting to finally go faster. For awhile It was going slow,at least to me. Now that i've had the ultrasound and I know what the lil boys seems to fly by! 
  It's interesting and exciting, the fact that as I am writing this my stomach is just a punching bag from all directions. I love feeling them move, even more so I am in more love just thinking about holding my boys in just  a few short months. I catch myself imagining what they look like, if they look alike how much they will weigh etc. My mind is just cluttered with all possibilities. 
 Sure, the price of having a baby is stretch marks, sleepless nights, insane stress and an empty wallet. To be honest, None of that matters to me anymore. I never wanted babies until I met jared. He was the one I wanted kids with because his heart is made of gold and my love for him was infinite. Each and every baby we've created together are both blessings, miracles and something I would NEVER change for the world. 
  Yes, 4 kids scares me. Especially at the age of 25. I've come to terms with the whole "god doesn't give us what we cant handle" term though. I am perfectly accepting of the fact that he thinks I can do it. That's what excites me. He knows I have enough love to give to both and then some. what scared me before, is totally not what scares me now..all things change with the news of twins. Different ball game. 
My next steps are to make sure I can provide for all my loves. New house...Ive talked about this for awhile, but We need it more than anything. That's my number one priority in the planning of my boys. 
  The nursery ideas are already set in stone in my mind. I already know what I want. Maybe that comes with being a taurus. Now, I leave the naming to my husband. He's adorable. He's been thinking of the most adorable and the silliest names ever. Because of that, we had to change up the rules a bit. It's still his job to name them...HOWEVER, I have to approve. :D this makes it a lot easier! ;)
  Basically in ending what I want to get across is...Sure there are a ton of things that you have to sacrifice and watch your body go through during pregnancy...but hell, the good outweighs the bad, stretch marks fade drastically and kids grow fast. So instead of my sulking about how huge I am- I need to remember I am creating two special beings...that is a miracle. Everything else, is excess baggage.

xoxo until next time. 

Here is my updated 21 weeks pic. ;)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ultrasound shocker!

This morning I woke up to ready myself for a much anticipated ultrasound scan!
the appointment was at 8 am and I was super anxious!!!
    my husband and I had to take my daughters to my parents house during the appointment because they didn't allow more than 2 people in the room. When we went back they squeezed that warm gooey ultrasound liquid on my belly and got started!!
    She started with Baby A and started checking for all anatomy etc and making sure everything was ok...then BAm..."yep, this one's a boy" 
Holy shit! How in the....a boy? Seriously? then the tears started flowing...then I looked over at my husband to see him in complete bliss. He wanted this since we could remember. I always wanted a boy myself. my inside thought..."yay we have one boy!!!!" He weighed 12 oz!  then it was time to start checking baby B :D

   Now, I was extremely paranoid that they weren't going to be able to find baby b or something was wrong. Total opposite and a huge sigh of relief when I  found my other baby was just perfect. :D she started to search but the little stinker kept moving....what a wiggle worm! then hit again with ANOTHER shocker...."this one's a boy also!" this little one weighed 11 oz! 

 lost my breathe! How in the world did this happen? I thought we were only capable of girls and here is proof we now have evened out the odds and will have two little precious sons to go with our darling lil princesses. I am extremely lucky. I feel so blessed. Now, we watch them grow some more, we choose some names, start shopping and ready ourselves for the future welcoming of our sons...

it's unbelievable to say that...

My son (twin A)

And my other son...(twin B)