Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Max And Micah 18 days old

It's already been 18 days since my lil boys arrived from their womb-ly world to ours. Unbelievable considering it feels like I waited YEARS to grow and meet them. They are absolutely perfect and I can not stop thinking how beautiful they are and can't stop staring at them every second. Babies are such a blessing and to think back that those lil guys were in my tummy 17 days ago is insane. I wonder how the hell they both fit in there! I still don't understand!
  Micah was the first to come home, he was in the NICU for a week exactly and he decided he wanted to come home. So, he bottle fed every feeding and they sent him on his way. For a week I got to snuggle him and learn his personality.  An entire week that he came with me everyday to visit his brother. Let me say out of all my babies, Micah is definitely easy. He never fusses when he poops or when he's hungry and he seems to always be content. This is amusing to me because I have to be the one to wake him for feedings or diaper changes. He was the total opposite in my tummy. he wiggled everywhere and was always so active. I learned him very well and when he was reunited with his brother, it was like the world all came together and he was whole again. The most precious sight I have ever seen...

This was literally within minutes of bringing Max home October 22nd.   The moment I took him and Micah out of their car seats I put them side by side to they could feel each others presence again. That was the reaction. They molded together so quickly and feel asleep holding each other. It melted me in ways I cannot even explain. It's got to be tough having someone grow with you every second in the womb and then having that being taken from you for 2 weeks. They shared everything in my belly and occupied the space together...they were one. Now, they are one again! 
   Max, like I said, came home October 22nd. That was the one of the best minutes of my life. Not having to see my lil guy hooked up to wires/tubes anymore and to actually have him home with us. The moment I had been waiting for since I was pregnant to begin with. Having had Micah home for a week, I already figured him out. Now, it was Max's turn. Boy, he is a character. For him being the reserved one that didn't move much in my belly, he is mellow like his brother but with the exception that he WILL let you know when he is hungry or he has pooped. When he does, it usually wakes his brother and then I have double duty. It's cute. He's just as beautiful as Micah and I love them from here to infinity. Just like the girls. All of them are my world.
   Both boys are pretty much up to their birth weight give or take a few ounces. They are both still on oxygen although it is the lowest grade. Max has blond hair it looks like for now and Micah is dark haired like his mommy :DThe girls love their brothers and are very sweet and nurturing...
    Here are some more pictures :D

       Max is on the right, Micah is on the left <3

The girls with Micah, before Max came home <3

     The boys holding hands!

Micah Sleeping soundly 

   Max wide awake and curious!

 So far, life with twins is great. There's not one bad thing I can say about it, i love it all and I feel entirely blessed that this gift (or shall I say gifts) was given to me. I love every minute, even when I get no sleep and I'm looking like a zombie. To think I was scared is weird because for some reason it all makes sense, my mommy instincts kicked in once again and I enjoy every minute with my boys and of course, my girls. Life is beautiful! <3


  1. Oh I'm so happy for you! Have the best time, and enjoy this because I remember with my baby sister she was big before too long! So precious!

  2. Hi Lia, I'm so glad you have your whole family back at home now. Love the photos, specially the one of the boys cuddled up. Girls are boys are so different as they grow up, you're going to have some wonderful adventures. Enjoy every moment. Gilly x