Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 Days of BLISS!

Special milestones require special font colors! 30 days = green!!!

Today marks exactly 30 days since I went into labor and brought my boys into this world. In hindsight it's interesting knowing and actually experiencing how fast time goes after you have them. They still haven't reached there original due date of november 16, but they are doing wonderful!
I finally have the groove of things and I absolutely love being a mom to not only 4, but to twins. It's so much fun. I get to experience all ages with my oldest to the youngest. Yes, I tend to get sleep deprived but it's ok. I just keep telling myself "this to shall pass" on the sleepless nights. The boys eat every 2-3 hours including at night time. Doesn't bother me because babies have to eat. They had 2 doctors appointments already which everything is wonderful! They no longer need oxygen during the day-only during the night time. Max needs to get an Xray on his hips at his 2 month checkup because he was breech. Just to make sure his hips are ok. Been there, done that with Abigail. She was lodged so tight in my pelvis, she had physical therapy FOR MONTHS! actually, it was more like a year...anyways, I've learned a lot about preemies that I never knew before also. For starters, they have to be seen every week for weight gain, have to see an optometrist to make sure their eyes are fully formed/developed, they have to have 5 doses of rsv shots (one a month for 5 months) since they're higher risk..Busy mama, huh?
   Max weighed 5 lbs 3 oz at birth and now weights 6 lbs as of today and Micah went from 5 lbs 13 oz at birth to ....7 pounds! That definitely shows me that they are eating and getting enough! ha. I go through at least 15-20 diapers a day. Gets expensive BUT once I pick up the boys birth certificates i can enroll in special discounts for twins! I'm waiting anxiously for that! 
   The girls are doing wonderfully also! Kayleigh is doing great in school and keeps scoring high on her tests! She's such a smart cookie! She loves her brothers and tries to hold them every chance she gets. Abigail also loves her brothers but of course for a 2 year old, is more concerned about their toys lol. She kisses the boys on their heads and pets them if she hears them crying. I even caught her trying to shove a binky (pacifier) into max's mouth when he started to cry. Both have such nurturing personalities. I know that someday they'll make awesome mommies.

  as for me, my csection site is just about healed. I hate looking at it, but it's a reminder of meeting my boys. The fact that it is so low also doesn't bother me much because it wont be noticeable. Another scar, another story...right? and a beautiful one at that! My 6 week appointment is almost here and that means i'll be able to exercise soon! WOO! I am down almost 30 lbs and just need to rid myself of 30-35 more. I burn 1000 calories a day from breastfeeding alone so I don't think it'll take me too long to get rid of that excess baggage! Although I barely sleep, i feel wonderful and excited to see the kids everyday. It's funny how mommies are programmed to be able to withstand months without proper sleep. Even funnier that we actually love doing what we do. I do. 

so that's my update. 1 month down...cant wait to see new milestones within the next month. Thanksgiving will be so fun and christmas will be special. They are my christmas gifts, all my kids are. I feel like since Ive had them, i don't ever need another gift again because I pretty much have all I want. A happy, healthy BEAUTIFUL family. Who could ask for more than that???