Thursday, August 12, 2010

26 weeks +2 Days

Welp, I made it so far and obviously I am carrying larger than 2 weeks ago. I have 96 days (not that I'm counting or anything) days until I am 40 weeks. Although, I have a feeling that I won't be carrying that long... 
   I'm sure you're thinking something to the effect of "damn, you've gotten so big, I bet your back is killing you right now..." Yes, It sure is. I can't stand on my feet in one spot for longer than 8-10 minutes. Otherwise the lower mid part of my back is in pain. Also, My lovely sciatic nerve is bothering me EVERYDAY again. I can't even sit down indian style or with my legs directly in front of me without getting stuck there for a moment when I try to move/get up. It shoots all the way down my leg and causes me to freeze. Little boogers must think it's funny to sit on that nerve but It's horrible!
  Work will end in exactly 6 more shifts for me then I'm finito for...well let's say a long while. Which, I am ok with because I need to give all my kids as much love as I can. Sheesh, I feel like the 19 kids and counting lady by saying "all my kids" .Thankfully, this is the LAST pregnancy and I am no longer lending my uterus out for rent anymore. 
    Movement is insane. It feels like they fight each and every day. It starts with one of them slightly moving a limb them BAM it's a full on kickboxing tournament in there. It's pretty amusing to watch my belly  move like ocean waves and shift numerous times during the battle for space. That is, until one of them does a running jump on my bladder. Then, it's a race to the bathroom LOL. They feel pretty strong already and I can definitely tell the one laying closest to my lungs is going to be energetic, just like kayleigh was/is. 
   My sleep cycle is terrible right now. Worse than my last update, I wake up about 4 times a night. From various things like charlie horses, stiff legs, sore hips, hunger, and just plain i dunno...
I know my body is pretty much preparing for me to wake up around that many times when the boys come so I guess it's better to get used to it now although, i'd love to have 1 peaceful nights sleep. I look terrible with my eye circles taking over. Makeup is now a must when I leave the house.
   My hunger has gotten insane. You know when you read those vampire books and they describe this hunger being really intense and overpowering?? Not to relate to a vampire by any means, but that's the best way to describe how I feel about food. It feels like i literally HAVE to eat all day (small snack remember) in order to make the boys happy. Which is ok by me, only sort of tiring when I am trying to rest and not necessarily good for the bank account.
   My feet haven't been swelling nearly as much this week so far but I've been doing my best to prop them up all the time as much as I can to prevent the whole edema thing. Normally, like with the girls I had edema terribly bad. When I carried Abby, it was the worst. This time round I can actually still see my ankles (for now) and my legs are about the same size. Its just the rear and belly that are growing. 
   Heartburn/Indigestion is still terrible and on some days I feel like I have a fire in my throat that lasts for up to 4 hours. Nothing helps. I'm getting used to it although I don't think that's a good feeling to get used to. ha.
  My circulation is definitely off. I cant bend my arms without them going to sleep and losing circulation quickly. I'll have to get that checked because I've never experienced it before and it freaks me out. Especially when I am trying to sleep and I wake up with 2 dead arms...

 I spotted a faint line of the "linea Negra" down my belly last week. I was sad to see that stinker return since I loathe it so much. If you do not know what that is, it's basically a dark pigmented line that goes from the top of your belly button all the way down to the pubic bone. Slightly unattractive if you ask me and it makes me feel like I have a happy trail (like on a man)...Luckily it disappears after a few months post delivery. It hasn't gotten much darker, it's till pretty faint for right now but just the sight of it coming back made me sad lol. I also found like a cm stretchmark on my belly. I knew that would happen but it's ok- I'll still keep lathering up on vitamin E oil 2x a day and I should hopefully prevent more to come around. :D
   Now, about the babies and enough about me-
The boys should be about 2-2.3 lbs a piece. Pretty good growth considering I'm only 26 weeks and about 13 inches long. They can now open their eyes in the womb.The boys can turn their heads away if something appears brighter in some spots than others :D &The Brain and lungs are much more developed. I don't know if I said this in the last post, but they can officially hear me as well as outside My girls screaming. I bet that's scary! I do find myself singing to them (cheesy I know) But I want them to get used to the music i listen to or like so when they're born they can be soothed by it.  
   I'm getting really excited to meet them, but nervous as hell for labor. Yes, I know how a singleton labor is but adding another one to possibly push out the va-jayjay is somewhat a scary say the least. Then there's the dreaded csection. I'm not scared about that- I just don't want to have to try and recover from that when I have two kids (one in kindergarten and the other a mess maker)..I don't think that would call for a speedy recovery if I'm having to hold both boys in my arms and chase abby down the hall telling her to put something down...sheesh, could you imagine? So hopefully I can push them both out. I shouldn't think so hard on that one'll happen the way it's supposed to.
   Anyways, enough of my blabble- I pretty much talked about all my symptoms in the beginning and then a lil something informational about the boys development in the last half. I have a doctors appointment on the 20th for another ultrasound and the dreaded strep B test...Yuck.
   Until then, I say farewell :D


  1. Wow, I'm scared for you now! SO much pain? Unbelievable. But it'll all be over soon- except it might feel worse cause you have to work out like crazy and get up more and everything else. haha
    But you'll love them, it'll be worth it.

    And about the singing? It's so sweet!

  2. Yay, a new blog post with a picture. I think you're belly is cute. The thought of the boys fighting for space made me chuckle a little. I think it's sweet that you sing to your boys. Looking forward to the next post. Hope you have a good appointment on the 20th.

  3. I have to say I think you are the most inspiring woman on the face of the planet. You have two kids already who you seem to love and dote on with as much as you can. Now with two more on the way you seem to take this with ease. (I'm sure you're hectic worried most days) But you seem to be the most perfect mother and ready to take on the world. If I was you I'd be scared out of my living mind. But by the way you say things on here you seem almost calm and collected about it.

    <3 Your pictures are gorgeous and I can't wait to see those little faces when they arrive! <3

  4. - Nadine-
    thank you, some things sound scary or painful but you pretty much take on the pain for the gift of making a human :D

    ChiChi-The belly is funny to watch when they fight, no joke! thank you so much for reading!!

    That was the best comment to wake up to today. Thank you so much. I am so glad I inspire you. I seem calm and collected, but after much stress and worrying beforehand...i feel more at ease when I blog :D thank you again for the kind words. I cannot wait to see their faces either <3