Monday, December 5, 2011


Hey everyone! Life has been hectic, so I apologize for not updating sooner! BUT,
I made a youtube video update on the boys so you can enjoy that until I can write again! (hopefully soon!)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10 Days

I'm pretty sure I am about to experience a heart attack at the ripe age of 26. 
   I have ten days to experience my babies...AS babies. Then I have to part with the goodbyes of infants and say hello to another adventure, TODDLERS! Yes, I'm updating this BEFORE the big birthday because , well because I can. haha.

My boys' personalities have come alive. They are amazing.
Oh man! how much this little mister has changed since I brought him home. He used to be the cryer. The serious one.The calm baby yet the one who always let you know when he was ready to eat. Not much has changed in that department. He still lets you know when he is angry or sleepy however he is the HAPPIEST little man. He is so talkative and will baby talk your ear off as well as show you everything. He is sneaky. He will look at you when he is getting into something to see if you notice,then smile as he is doing it. Such a sweet natured little man though. He definitely has eyes and love for his mommy and snuggles me whenever he wants. Which is usually non stop! I absolutely love and adore it. He is so in love with his sisters and has a blast playing with them. Max is standing all by himself right now. Not yet walking but he will cruise the furniture to get to what he wants. His new fascination is trying to stick objects into the vhs player. Such a curious boy. He knows a few things in sign language like "all done" and "eat/food". Although he has been teeth for awhile, I still have yet to see his pearly whites shine through...he is taking his sweet time. 

The moment I brought him home I noticed he was the most mellow baby I have ever experienced. He's perfectly fine and content just sitting there and observing his brother or anything else going on. I never (unless he is teething) really hear a fuss with this little guy. He is so happy and content. Just like his brother and all my kids he is such a lover. He will cuddle you forever! He leans in to give you kisses and nuzzles your shoulder with his head as he wraps his arms around you. He loves hearing laughter and he will join in too! Especially from his sisters! Like Max he has a favorite game of chasing either his sisters around or his brother. They go everywhere together. He mastered the stairs (going up, still working on down) and is cruising furniture but has not yet grasped standing upright like max. He has two teeth and working on his top two. I get cheesy smiles because of it and I loveeee it!. He is a chow hound and loves his food. I have yet to see this kid get full. He also knows those two words in sign language but only uses them ocassionally. 

I can either sit here and say I was sooo busy and occupied taking care of all my babies that they just grew up too fast or I can just come to terms with the fact that life in general goes by so fast. I've sat here and watched 4 little infants grow and turn into well mannered, sweet children. I feel like I can accomplish just about anything because I survived the most crutial part of babies. The first year. Not just once but with 4 kids. That just makes me speechless. Can you imagine the amount of diapers, sleepless night, feeding times, story times, hugs,kisses and snuggles I have endured? Too many! Not one single complaint I have because despite all the not so great moments-I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. 
  Yes, Im officially done with having babies. It makes me sad a little bit but most of all it makes me excited. Excited for the new chapter of watching them grow even more...learn about life and everything in it and just grow into amazing human beings.

I am so so so proud of all my children. I have been so very very lucky and blessed. So I guess here is a cheers to the future of toddlers! I have made it. In one piece no less. My heart is full. <3 Here's a trip down memory lane...



Max :


--Such tear jerking memories...


Friday, August 5, 2011

Precious moments

Each day that passes by, I notice the littlest things that grow and evolve in each of my children. 

  For instance, 
  It seems that as soon as my newly six year old daughter got her ears pierced, she turned into a little lady. She talks so proper and just acts...grown. It makes me smile but also makes my heart breaks a little inside that she's grown so fast. It doesn't seem possible that my first born, my little seven pounder is now 42 pounds and in 1st grade. Her life up until now has been slow motion and I can remember every one of her stages like it was yesterday. As soon as Abigail came along, the world started spinning faster and time slipped from my hands.

Abigail, the chubby buddha baby weighing 9 pounds 6 ounces is somehow...3. Her stages passed me like the snap of my fingers. *SNAP* so quick. Although I remember a lot of her baby-hood too it almost seems that with every kid on board, the faster life seems to go. I mean, I went from 21 to 26 and I still don't know how the hell that happened. Abigail is such a little tom boy and gives me hell. I love it because thats the spitting image of me and what I put MY parents through. Holy hell am I in for a ride when she turns pre-teen. She speaks so well now . Just the other day she said "actually mom" and my mouth dropped. How did my kid learn all this so quickly?  Just another one that aged so keeps getting more and more depressing that they are entering these new stages and will never look back. No longer will they be my babies but my girls, preteens, teens,graduates, ....sigh...holy...toledo. Just when I think it'll all be ok and I draw in a huge deep breathe...oh yeah, anxiety attack all over again. My boys...they aren't quite my little preemies anymore. 

Max- Such a vibrant little boy. the smile that reminds me so much of his older sister, kayleigh. His world revolves around me still. I cant complain because its really NOT that far away that the "I don't need you to do that for me anymore mom" stage will peek from behind the wall. I already see it with max. My once itsy bitsy 5 lb 3 oz preemie is all over the place. He NEEDS to pull up standing on everything and NEEDS to show me he can and will conquer those stairs. If I let him. No. I don't want to . I mean, I do but i don't want him growing up. It's inevitable but none-the-less it'll happen whether I like it or not. Max conquered his sippy cup also just a few nights ago and loves clapping "yay" or waving "hello" every chance he gets to. 

Does he need help crawling over to that...heck no, he'll use his brother, Micah as a step stool. Poor micah. He hates that. I don't blame him. I'd hate it if another person my same age crawled on top of me to get to something without my permission. My dear sweet Micah-roni. He is such a lover and I don't think he'll ever be a fighter. He's got his dad in him for sure. Looking at him I see Abigail. Its funny how Max resembles Kayleigh as a baby and Micah resembles Abby. Micah learned temper tantrums and fake cries. Yes, this little theatrical display everyday he knows how to win me over. I spoil my babies. If there is such thing as to spoil a baby...ever. I spoil them with love and cuddles. Because a kid,baby, infant can never get too many snuggles. Micah crawls and follows max everywhere. It's like a train and caboose effect. If i go to the bathroom...there it is peeking out from the corner of the door...the M&M train :D . As cuddly as Micah is , he also has an independent streak of not wanting me to feed him anymore. He wants to do EVERYTHING by himself unless he's just feeling lazy.  
  You would never think looking at my boys now that they were even preemies to begin with. in 3 days my babies will be 10 months. I hate saying it, i hate seeing it, i hate thinking that my babies are gone and these are the beginnings of them turning into little men. I've survived almost the first year with not only twins...but 4 kids. I feel accomplished. Who can say they've done that at 26? however, my body and soul feels older than 26. Shhh, we wont go there ;) We can go into how I am coping though ....

I am mixed. I have a mixture of emotions running around in my heart. Glad, estatic, blessed,sad, lazy and peaceful. I can break them all down too. None of it depressing in the sense that I'm "alone" because we all know with 4 kids that IMPOSSIBLE! haha (a little humor) . Im glad my kids are all so healthy and wonderful. Estatic that my life has been so BLESSED. I am sad that I will never again have the feeling of meeting a new blessing from inside my womb and holding a newborn to my chest again (until its my turn to be a grandmother). Lazy, well hell Im sure why you could figure out why i feel lazy. wouldn't you??? :D and peaceful because no matter the hardships, I feel on top of the world. I feel like I can do anything, and i will to the best of my ability. So I guess its no where but up from here...New beginnings on new stages. Life is so beautiful. With that said, here are some pictures for you all to enjoy <3


Lia & fam

Friday, June 3, 2011

Just about 8 months!

I've made it almost a year! 

      I can't even , I just....there's no words for how fast time has flown and how much love i have for these little guys. They've improved our lives and brought everyone closer.

  8 months of sleepless nights, colds, happy smiles and cries. 8 months of...nothing but love. 

WHere to even begin? 

   Micah-roni: What a sweet boy. He has grown to favor his daddy. Although, mommy is still his #1 comforter, he just loves to be with his daddy. He smiles non stop and at the moment , has just about conquered the crawling! He loves his binky and will play with it and put it in his own mouth which is so cute to watch. His appetite is amazing and he loves every baby food I have tried with him. He laughs most when his sisters play peek-a-boo and smacks his hand on the ground or on my chest when im holding him. He's still completely mellow and rarely complains unless he is tired. He plays with his brother occasionally by pulling at his ears or sucking on his arm,elbow,head...Lately he's been saying dada quite a bit and found that he likes sleeping on his belly. All around he's a cuddle bug. Loves holding yourface and giving kisses <3

Maxi:  Max is such a mommy's boy. He has to have me around 24/7 and if not, he'll cry "ma-ma". Pitiful! He loves snuggling with me too and is such a happy boy also. He also enjoy every baby food I have given him and his appetite isn't quite like Micahs, but he still loves it! He still loves playing on his back and playing with his feet/toes. He will talk your ear off with squeals and baby babbles. He's a mimicker. He also just got interested in playing with Micah. Although he tends to be a bully with him and steal his toys out of his hand or be too rough with him. But its mutual and it happens on both ends. The love he has for his sisters is amazing. They both love their sisters immensely. Max has gotten interested in crawling although he gets so mad when he cant reach something that he puts his head down and cries. He also brings joy to my life just like my other children.

( max is eating micahs toy)

 Then there is my girls :D

KayBear Graduated kindergarten and is officially a little first grader. She loves holding the boys, popping out of corners and scaring them/making them laugh, you name it and she's the perfect older sister. She loves them to death and always has to tell them good morning when she wakes up. She's my dramatic little stinker and loves tall tales. She is getting so tall and so beautiful its unreal.  Kay is quite the jokester and loves the spotlight.She's such a nurturing little girl and will be the best mommy one day.

Abby : Such a comedian this one is. Although she's at the "terrible 3's" and is very testy, she's a sweetheart. She also wakes up every morning and kisses the brothers good morning. Her and kayleigh love making them laugh and she's such a tomboy like I was. Leave her unattended for a few minutes and there will be quite the mess to clean up so Ive learned not to let her out of my sight for now. She starts preschool in the fall and is excited! Her and kayleigh play non stop practically til bedtime and she wouldn't have it any other way. Im so glad they have each other <3

Back when abby was a baby. 

Me: My life has had many ups and downs lately. Probably more downs  than ups but I've learned that nothing is more comforting than family. It doesn't matter what friends I have or who walked out/wanted out on my life, all I need is my tight knit family of 6 . They bring me the most sunshine ever and permeate my world with such love that I don't need anything else. To think a mothers heart can expand so much is just...well, there are no proper words to really describe or fathom it. They say things happen for a reason. I'll have to agree with you. My inner happiness is radiating like I never thought it could . Look at what I have to be thankful for!

My beautiful sister and the boys.

Grandma and Max

My beautiful niece and Abby <3

-Thank you everyone who reads this and follows me on my journey. My life isn't perfect , and i know I'm far from being myself but I am who I am and thats all that matters. I am a mother and wife first, friend always and just me. <3