Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It's been too long

Oh my goodness!
  Time has been so fast and Ive been enjoying/embracing every moment to the point that I have not updated this in what seems like forever. So grab some popcorn because this is bound to be a long, long post.

The last update was back in 2012, and so much has happened since!

All of the kids are thriving and doing so well!

Kayleigh is officially starting the 5th grade this fall, which is completely nuts to me. She's grown so much and is so beautiful. She is still so loving but the pre teen hormones/puberty have started and it makes for an interesting day, every day. She turns 10 in July (which makes me feel really old) and I can't believe it. So crazy to think i had my first baby just about 10 years ago. She loves her arts and crafts still but isn't so girly anymore. She's turned into a tom boy with such a spunky style in clothes. She reminds me a bit of myself at that age. She loves to make her siblings laugh. She does have a hard time sharing some of her stuff because, well frankly she's at the age where she is starting to want her own things/privacy. Completely understandable. However, she does still play with them on a regular basis...but only if it's by her rules haha. She is sprouting into such a beautiful little girl, Im going to have to get ready to question any boy that comes around her. 

Abigail is about to start the 2nd grade. She is still the biggest tom boy out of her and Kayleigh. She loves all things dinosaurs, super hero, zombie...rough and tough stuff. She has a special bond with the boys because, well, she likes getting roughed up and dirty like they do. She seems to be going through clothes so fast because she always manages to get holes in them from the outdoors and even power sliding...yes..I am talking air guitar stuff. Abby is still the biggest goofball of the family. I absolutely love it. She makes everyone laugh on a daily basis and is so happy all of the time. The only struggle I seem to have with her is when she is too rough with the boys. she will fight for what she wants and won't back down. She's my little force to be reckoned with. I have no fears for her ability to stand up for herself should the situation ever happen in life. She reminds me that laughter is important though and never fails to bring a smile to my face and every one else's every day. I also can't forget to tell you that she was picked out of a ton of school to present her artwork at an art show! Go ABBY! 

Micah...Is my other force to be reckoned with. Out of all of the kids, this little man has acquired more of my personality than i'd like to admit. He's fun loving but a real jerk sometimes and will not hesitate to tell you what he thinks. Thats my little man! Him and Max just finished their first year of preschool and Micah thrived. He made wonderful little friends (an a supposed wife he was going to marry) and his speech and vocabulary is absolutely on point. His expressions tell you exactly how he feels and it's hilarious. He is such a teddy bear but acts so tough on the outside. He still wants to snuggle me all the time, which i cannot complain and wants to be a cop so that he can fight bad guys. He has a bit of Abigail's traits too as far as being a goofball. Those two are the toughest of the bunch because they are stubborn. And when they have a stubborn mom, it makes things hard sometimes. But I've learned with all of them how to pick and choose my battles. Micah and Max will be 5 in October. 

Max, or as abby and i call him...Maxi...is by far the sweetest, most well natured little boy I've ever met. He never fails to tell me 100 times a day how beautiful i am and how much he loves me. He gives me kisses freely and loves to snuggle. When the others are playing, he will join in too but is more conservative. He will play fight/wrestle but in the most gentle way. He's not rough and is very emotional when micah demands him to do something. He will stand his ground but doesn't like to be mean. There are times when i have to tell him not to hit his brother or abby...and he will tell me he is mad at me or he is not talking to me...and thats ok. I let him cool off and do his own thing until five minutes later when he is ready to snuggle again. He loves super heroes still and is similar to Kayleigh in nature. He does like to make jokes and be goofy also but has a bigger passion of legos. Anything that can be taken apart or put together..he will spend hours on. He is complex. He also has a lisp. It's adorable. He had speech problems because of a tongue tie but we are working on it with him and since preschool, it has improved a lot. He also made a lot of friends (although he wasn't interested in getting married like his brother) and is the true definition of a mamas boy.

all of them are blessings. They all have different personalities but at the same time, a lot of similarities. They all have huge hearts and are not afraid to show it. Nothing makes you feel better than when you see your kids thriving and enjoying life. They are all so well mannered and make friends wherever we go. 

We took them to Disney world last March and it was the best time ever. Micah met his Idol, Captain America and Max met his...Spiderman. Kayleigh enjoyed roller coasters with her dad and Abby also met spiderman, wolverine, captain america...etc. They all had the time of their life and it was wonderful seeing them shine. They want another trip soon, so I have been working long hours to save up for something just as fun.

As for me, I am perfect. I couldn't ask for a better life. I choose not to post about them on most social media due to family and security reasons so I will most likely only be posting them on here. I just have to be safe and protect my babies and life. I hope you all understand. We are all doing wonderful though and couldn't be happier. I enjoy taking them places to experience things and create memories that they won't ever forget. Whether it be the movies, the lake, camping, car trips, museums, aquariums, zoos, water parks...movies...wherever..i am certain that they will carry these memories with them throughout their entire lives. as will i. 

So thank you, if you still follow this blog. I will do my best to keep updating. However, as frequent as it used to be...It won't be near as much considering all of our lives are busy and we don't spend much time sitting down! I hope you are all well and I cannot wait to update you all again. Stay Super!!!!

much love,

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