Monday, October 4, 2010

Showing signs at 34 weeks!

It's a bit funny seeing myself go from this (24 weeks)


Voila! This...34 weeks. 

Wow, look at that expansion.Such a huge difference. I still find myself wondering everyday how the HELL they even fit two in there? They must be super uncomfortable and contorted...poor lil guys. It's fascinating that the human body can make more human bodies...and they are grown in a belly...Is it weird that that stuff amuses me? Meh....It's the miracle of life.

If you haven't noticed in the last pic...I have dropped.Here are some more from earlier last week to see if there is a visual difference...

Above was only 33 weeks. I grew out a ton in one week!

and this...was 32 weeks. *sigh*

I'm really not too sure at this point how much further my stomach can go/stretch. I however have a feeling, I am about to find out. With the dropping of my boys, I have only felt one thing darn close to this feeling...when Abigail dropped. Seeing as i am carrying roughly around 9-9 1/2 lbs OF baby not including the placenta(s) and the liter EACH of amniotic fluids i can uncomfortably say This is extremely painful. The dropping happened about 11 a.m. on saturday...out of no where. One minute i was standing/walking/sitting just fine, the next minute I couldn't do any of those things without wanting to scream. It felt like they were going to fall out. It's what a lot of people describe as carrying a huge watermelon between their legs...that's how you end up walking.Nothing I have read had explained the pain of carrying multiples when they drop though. I have a small build, and my frame does not feel like it can hold this for very much longer. 

              With the dropping also came some mild cramping etc. I've not been able to sleep more than 1-2 hours at a time at night and have trouble/pains rotating from one side to the other at night. I haven't really been too hungry because it just seems like my appetite has ceased minus a few snacks and small meals throughout the day. I experience more frequent braxton hicks contractions that last longer than i have been having but nothing too close to consider real labor yet. I have also been frequently urinating, which is more proof they dropped. I haven't had to get up during the night to pee during the whole pregnancy...until two nights ago. After googling, since googling is like my besets friend, I read that most of those symptoms are indeed symptoms that are getting my body ready for the big day. It can happen at any time and as excited as I thought i would be to get them out, I am scared shitless for the labor and now kind of want them to stay in. 

 Baby A is finally head down (thank god) since he likes to squirm and sit in various positions. Baby B however, is breach. Which sucks because he hasn't changed and to be honest, with multiples there really isn't time to change so he will probably (unless a miracle happens) will stay that way.Bummer. This gave me the most difficult thing to decide on:
 1. Opt for a csection 
2. Try vaginally but deliver baby B feet first
now, the csection isn't bad, so I've heard. However, resting and healing from that would be VIRTUALLY impossible with 2 kids under the age of 6 and twin boys added to the mix. the delivering of the baby feet first scares me. It's a risky procedure and if done wrong or if baby shift, they could possibly damage my boys spinal cord. 
so...What would you choose? Opt for a csection with baby B or try both vaginally? Personally I'm stuck on this decision because I DONT want my boys hurt. Period. I also don't like the thought of my stomach muscles never being the same again and being sliced and diced open THEN trying to recover whilst taking care of 4 kiddos...but when it comes down to it, It's not time for me to be selfish. As long as they are ok, that's all that matters. I'm guessing this is my mind telling me I am to opt for a csection. 

With all that said, I mentioned earlier I haven't had a huge appetite. My cravings are really minimal and really only one thing comes to my mind all day, every damn day. Rootbeer. I have to have it. No idea why. I drink my tons of water still but when it comes down to it, mama needs her rootbeer too. Not much else has me drooling. I'm pretty much over the food thing right now. Although, i do make sure I eat. :D

did I mention I gained 2 lbs. in a week. 2! From what??? I have no idea...hopefully the 2 lbs were divided and went to each boy equally lol.

So that's my update. I have no idea when I'll be able to update again. If i will be pregnant for my 36-37 weeks one knows. I'm going day by day. Heavy nesting and packing the bags for the hospital. They really can come any time. Either way, I'm excited to write my next update a few weeks from now regardless. I might even be able to redesign it with my new boys. We will just have to wait and see. 3 cheers for the waiting game!!!!



  1. Humans bodies growing/holding human bodies amazes me too. Not to mention, how the body recovers afterward. So it's pretty much any day now huh? Make sure you update us on twitter, or text me, I think I gave you my number.

    Whenever my time comes, google will be my best friend too because I'm sure all my friends that have babies already will be tired of the million and one questions I will have.

    As far as choosing between option 1 and 2, well... Being that I'm inexperienced in that area (besides my own birth) I would choose to do whatever is best for both babies and you. It's hard for me to narrow it down because if you do option 1, you have to do the recovery time but if you do option 2, is baby b in danger from being delivered feet first?

    After you have the boys, will you do a L&D post or video?

    Now, I want root beer too but I will have to settle for strawberry soda.

  2. Holy cow, I can't believe its almost that time already. I'm so excited for you. In the decision between C section or vaginal, I honestly would go C section. There are more risks with breach births than C sections. And you'll have your husband to help. Not to mention your oldest may surprise you with how helpful she can be. My youngest sister is 6 years younger than me, and I helped my mom with changing her diaper and feeding her. I couldn't carry her, but while she was a newborn she wasn't extremely squirmy (My second youngest sister was) so it helped alot. Good luck, and definitely keep us posted via Twitter.