Friday, June 3, 2011

Just about 8 months!

I've made it almost a year! 

      I can't even , I just....there's no words for how fast time has flown and how much love i have for these little guys. They've improved our lives and brought everyone closer.

  8 months of sleepless nights, colds, happy smiles and cries. 8 months of...nothing but love. 

WHere to even begin? 

   Micah-roni: What a sweet boy. He has grown to favor his daddy. Although, mommy is still his #1 comforter, he just loves to be with his daddy. He smiles non stop and at the moment , has just about conquered the crawling! He loves his binky and will play with it and put it in his own mouth which is so cute to watch. His appetite is amazing and he loves every baby food I have tried with him. He laughs most when his sisters play peek-a-boo and smacks his hand on the ground or on my chest when im holding him. He's still completely mellow and rarely complains unless he is tired. He plays with his brother occasionally by pulling at his ears or sucking on his arm,elbow,head...Lately he's been saying dada quite a bit and found that he likes sleeping on his belly. All around he's a cuddle bug. Loves holding yourface and giving kisses <3

Maxi:  Max is such a mommy's boy. He has to have me around 24/7 and if not, he'll cry "ma-ma". Pitiful! He loves snuggling with me too and is such a happy boy also. He also enjoy every baby food I have given him and his appetite isn't quite like Micahs, but he still loves it! He still loves playing on his back and playing with his feet/toes. He will talk your ear off with squeals and baby babbles. He's a mimicker. He also just got interested in playing with Micah. Although he tends to be a bully with him and steal his toys out of his hand or be too rough with him. But its mutual and it happens on both ends. The love he has for his sisters is amazing. They both love their sisters immensely. Max has gotten interested in crawling although he gets so mad when he cant reach something that he puts his head down and cries. He also brings joy to my life just like my other children.

( max is eating micahs toy)

 Then there is my girls :D

KayBear Graduated kindergarten and is officially a little first grader. She loves holding the boys, popping out of corners and scaring them/making them laugh, you name it and she's the perfect older sister. She loves them to death and always has to tell them good morning when she wakes up. She's my dramatic little stinker and loves tall tales. She is getting so tall and so beautiful its unreal.  Kay is quite the jokester and loves the spotlight.She's such a nurturing little girl and will be the best mommy one day.

Abby : Such a comedian this one is. Although she's at the "terrible 3's" and is very testy, she's a sweetheart. She also wakes up every morning and kisses the brothers good morning. Her and kayleigh love making them laugh and she's such a tomboy like I was. Leave her unattended for a few minutes and there will be quite the mess to clean up so Ive learned not to let her out of my sight for now. She starts preschool in the fall and is excited! Her and kayleigh play non stop practically til bedtime and she wouldn't have it any other way. Im so glad they have each other <3

Back when abby was a baby. 

Me: My life has had many ups and downs lately. Probably more downs  than ups but I've learned that nothing is more comforting than family. It doesn't matter what friends I have or who walked out/wanted out on my life, all I need is my tight knit family of 6 . They bring me the most sunshine ever and permeate my world with such love that I don't need anything else. To think a mothers heart can expand so much is just...well, there are no proper words to really describe or fathom it. They say things happen for a reason. I'll have to agree with you. My inner happiness is radiating like I never thought it could . Look at what I have to be thankful for!

My beautiful sister and the boys.

Grandma and Max

My beautiful niece and Abby <3

-Thank you everyone who reads this and follows me on my journey. My life isn't perfect , and i know I'm far from being myself but I am who I am and thats all that matters. I am a mother and wife first, friend always and just me. <3