Tuesday, September 21, 2010

32 weeks and pain is an understatement

30 weeks vs.32 weeks

Can you tell why exactly my hips are hurting? They've shifted downward and out...compared to two weeks ago!

-I've completely outgrown all shirts (minus a few).
-My hips feel dislocated
-The arches in my feet feel like they're breaking
-I am a walking furnace.
-My belly is a never-ending itchy
-Finally got some stretch marks! (not bad though)
- I am peeing 20 times a day
-I have to force myself to eat a decent sized meal
-I cannot breathe very well and have frequent anxiety attacks
-I am a hormonal maniac!

There's some key things I am going through right now...Sounds pleasant doesn't it? ON the other hand, I am moved in to our new house. It's lovely and the girls love it. I am constantly telling myself to rest now though because every little misplaced toy or mess and I go into OCD cleaning mode. I can't be doing that. It's ok to have a little mess for now...32 weeks and technically I could go into labor in 3+ weeks. 
I go to the doctors now every week for an ultrasound/non stress test and to evaluate and keep a track of the boys' weights since I have a high concern of having 9 pounders...
Today was one of the appointments, the next is sept.29th. As of right now though twin A is 4 lbs 4 oz and the other lad is 3 lbs 11 oz. not too far behind and good sized babies. Now is the time I will hopefully NOT be doing some serious weight gaining...I have 10 more pounds to go till i hit my target weight. 10! which I have to learn to put the cookies down. seriously. haha. The boys are now gaining fat and filling out every week. This is getting insanely surreal. The fact that they are almost here has me in a panic attack everyday. These are the last few weeks that we will be a family of 4...my two princesses have NO idea what's coming...
As for cravings right now I really have a few and one of them is coffee. Still, i always want noodles. That's really about it. 
I have a hard time sleeping and haven't experienced good sleep in I don't know how long. My arms always fall asleep and hurt so bad during the night so that wakes me up. ALong with my never empty bladder and hip pains. I cant rotate from one of my sides to the other without a huge POP and pain afterwards...no bueno! I just keep telling myself to enjoy my last pregnancy. This one is tough though and no where near like it was with the others.
We chose names...I'm debating on telling everyone till after though because i want it to be a surprise  and it'll seem more real that way. That's really all there is to my pregnancy as of right now...I'm tired, anxious and just ready to meet the occupants that have been living in my stomach for so long. Hopefully i can gather enough energy to make a video soon..but with the exhaustion that I have had lately, I don't know if that's possible...we shall see. <3 until another day

Sunday, September 5, 2010

2 Days shy of 30 weeks!

HOLY CANOLI! I am almost done! technically 10 more weeks till full term. However, since full term doesn't happen often with multiple pregnancies, I can honestly go anytime in the next 5-10 weeks. Goodness thats insane. I cant believe i've made it to this point already. I'm still sane too! Well, for the most part. 
   Everyone who's had a child knows exactly how difficult the last two or so months are. They are miserable, long, and exhausting! This is the moment where I start gaining a pound or so a week. With that also comes the edema (swelling) of the feet, extra large belly, slowness if that's even a word, and being just plain uncomfortable all day and during the night. Sounds like fun, right? This is the most challenging part of the pregnancy. The finish line till you get to see your reward. As horrific as it sounds, its the best feeling and totally worth every stretch mark, swollen toe and finger and every pound gained when you finally get to hold the new addition. in my case, new additions! :D I'm trying to enjoy this last half seeing as it is my last pregnancy. It's a bit bittersweet. I am relieved it's the last time but also sad that I wont again ever have little babies in the household after these two. I hope it goes slow so I can enjoy newborns for the last time till I am a grandmother (NOT even a thought in my mind FOR A WHILE!!!!!!!!) or an aunt again!! ;)
-With that bit of jibber jabber, Here is my current belly:


Beautiful isn't it? I quit telling myself that I am huge because lord knows I hear it every day I leave the comfort of my home. No joke. It's unreal how many people will actually have the balls/guts to come up to me and actually say this " Oh my god honey, I feel so sorry for you. I hope you don't have too much longer to go." Yes, that was a real comment. Who says that? even better, who says they feel sorry for you when your pregnant? I always feel like turning around and decking somebody when they say things. SO, that's why I try to make it a point to tell myself I look beautiful. I avoid mirrors on my lower extremities and stop worrying that my shirt size is xl or that my feet are swollen and that I feel miserable. Because when it comes down to it, being pregnant is beautiful. Who cares what I feel like as long as I can give my babies everything in as well as out of the womb. Right? 
  with all that said lets skip ahead and finally talk about my symptoms and cravings 


Lower back pain
Sore hips
Mild edema
Trouble breathing
Exhaustion (spelling?)
Increased clumsiness
On and off appetite changes
Hard time sleeping
Frequent urinating- more so than before

Jelly donuts
Oodles of noodles

-I have a feeling after fully listing my cravings that the "gain a pound a week" rule wont work for me. But I am eating everything in moderation and sadly I cant and have not been able to have a full hearty meal. There is no room! 

   About my boys:
I just had my baby shower yesterday. It was thrown by my sister. The turnout was not too bad. I always hate/stress about baby showers because i always have at least 3 people tell me they will be there, then flake out. Because of that, i was mega worried that I wouldn't get near to anything that I really truly needed. I was right. I had 7 ladies show up and about 5-6 ladies who flaked out when they rsvp'd. That hurt my feelings but regardless I was happy of the people who came to celebrate my boys with me. I got quite a few things but am still mega stressed because the main things I needed I actually didn't get. So money is a huge factor right now. By the way we are moving saturday. between paying bills and rent I am scared that we wont be able to afford the things for the boys. Somehow we will manage. Nestng just sucks. 
   Anyways so yes, just about 30 weeks and the boys are getting bigger by the day! They should measure at about 17 inches from head to toe and both weigh about 3 lbs now.  Right around now they will start to turn head down and stay there (hopefully) until labor.It's getting pretty crampy in there and not a lot of room so I feel them roll more than kick and jab now and its hard to distinguish who is doing what. As long as they keep moving we are perfect. :D
    In ending, I have an ultrasound/appointment on the 13th.After we move in, I will do a video showing the nursery and talk more in depth about the boys and such. Like I said, we move saturday. This means the internet will be gone friday and i can only use it on my phone till we set it up again :D Hope this entertains you until you hear from us again, thank you for following me on this journey!!!!