Monday, April 4, 2011

Faster than a speeding bullet

As I patiently awaited on the OR table for the arrival of my boys two things happened : 

1. I,for the first time during the pregnancy, got uber emotional
2. Started being a little scared that the taking care of 2 babies was fastly approaching.

Then it happened...

I heard the tiniest of tiny cries illuminate my soundwaves. My son Max met the outside world.

then came 

Yet another....

Micah arrived safely. I cannot tell you the overflowing emotions that wept through me in an instant. First, fear if anything that my undercooked boys were alright...then curiosity because I had to see who it was that occupied my belly for so long. Time ticked in slow motion until I got to see  their faces. pure beauty they were. In a matter of 34weeks, I was a mother of 4.

skipping ahead and looking into my boys eyes now, it's hard to believe they've grown and defeated some of the obstacles they had.

6 months have literally flown by faster than I could've ever imagined. Bitter sweet it is considering they are the last of my babies. Time has changed their faces and I see their characteristics/personalities shining through those beautiful little smiles.

There has been many ups and downs in the process of them reaching a half a year old. Now that I look at it, the only down really was the sleep and getting them on schedule. Now, it seems easier. I did suffer postpartum depression and battled if for 3 months when one day it decided to rear its ugly head in my direction. I tried fighting it off myself but ended up getting entangled and lost in its darkness. I finally went to the doctor and am doing just fine now. Ive known from the past exactly what it was because unfortunately, I've battled it numerous times. No worries, I am ok now!

I'm gladly enjoying my boys. They are becoming so fun! They now notice each other smile frequently.  Max is 13 lbs and 12 ounces and although you have to work on getting him to smile,once he does its a bashful/shy smile that just melts you instantly. He's very hands on and loves grabbing everything but mostly my face. He's perfectly content on laying on his back or his side to play with his toys. He used to be the one that would cry all the time but now he's so content and will just sit in his chair any play with his toys. He's such a mommies boy and has to have me in plain view or else he will freak. Max Loves baby food and is quite the wiggly boy!!!!

Micah is  14 lbs 2 ounces and such a charmer. You don't have to work much to get him to smile a huge smile and you. He loves just about anyone who talks to him and is extremely mellow. He entertains himself and is such a rolley polley. You cant leave him in his chair without buckling him in or he will wiggle his way practically out on the floor. He's working on perfecting rolling over which is awesome considering they are both technically developmentally only at 5 months. He showed us his laugh, which is precious and is such a daddies boy. He loves sitting on daddies lap and just chilling. He also loves baby food.

I've been making an effort to getting out of the house more and enjoying life with my beautiful children. Each and everyone is so precious to me. My oldest, Kayleigh is turning into such a little woman already. She loves changing her brothers diapers and helping me bathe them. She and Abigail kiss them good morning every single day and the way their brothers look at them is just precious. They all love each other very much. Abigail is doing great also, she plays well with kayleigh and is speaking great! She'll start preschool in the fall and that has me excited for her! 
6 months have flown by and soon my little princes will be 1. I love having 4 kids and twins at that.
I'm sorry it has taken so long to get an update with everyone. Life is busy, I'm constantly on go and Its hard to make a video or blog. Now that they are getting much older it should be easier. Thank you all for sticking with me and feel free to leave some love or ask anything you are curious about!!!