Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ready, set ,UPDATE!

Oh HEY there!

 I noticed it has been longer than "just a while", so I figured it is time to update this blog. :D

The last entry was about the boys birthday. Last year, I believe. That has given me TONS of time to snuggle,love and watch my kiddos blossom!

Gah, I am having sych a hard time starting this because it seems like so much time has passed but how to fit in everything? I shall try my hardest!

Max and Micah are officially at their "terrible two" stage. Now, I am not a firm believer in this stage because to be honest, kayleigh never got it til she was 3. Even then it was nothing compared to the stories I read or heard. Then came Abigail. She made me start believing in it because she was destructive at 2 and to be honest, can still be if you don't watch her close enough. But truly, what kid isn't???

Anyways, to finish my has been so wonderful. However the last week has been somewhat hellish to me. Because after my starting to believe in this terrible two happened right before my eyes in full force. Unbelievable. Not to mention, holy canoli because not only do I have it with one, i have it with...twins. Boy do they team up and destroy everything they can. No one understands team work unless they watch my boys in action. I don't trust a quiet moment. I am literally on my toes every second unless it's nap time. Whether it's a drawing contest on the walls or temper tantrums that last for a good hour...there are no safe, quiet zones for me to sneak into. So what do i do? I bare it I suck it up and remind myself of that lovely saying i once so proudly told myself.  I now say it while pulling my hair out..."this too shall pass". Now don't get me wrong, i love my children immensely. however, i know this comes with the territory because I've been there before. The only thing i can even try to think of scenario wise would be just to tell you flat routine. Ready to be scared?

I wake up in the morning and get the girls ready for school. As soon as they're good to go, micah usually awakens first. Demanding juice. So I grab him juice, feed him and get him settled in just when max decides to wake up. He will come down demanding juice as well as food so I will have his food ready by then. After they eat, its time to change them. Micah refuses any kind of diaper change. laying him down involved him running up and away yelling no...and laughing. I basically have to hold this lil sucker down...which is exhausting. Max, well he changes pretty easily. But then starts the chaos. nothing is off limits once their bellies are full. This means I am running around behind them picking up and taking away stuff they cannot play with. I hurry up and sneak to get coffee. I chug that shit. because i really have no time to enjoy it otherwise. Anyways, usually in the midst of all this i can sneak in a snuggle or two then its time to get abby from preschool. Did I mention it's a pain in my ass to get micah in the car seat now too? He's pretty strong willed. 

  After getting Abigail, I let them all play some more while I fix lunch. They all sit, eat...then it's the boys' nap time. HA! This part is a challenge in itself. I bet your asking, "how do you get two kids to sleep at the same time"? well my answer is, I don't. I start with the easiest...Micah. He falls asleep on my no problem in like 5 minutes. Meanwhile max is walking around devising a plan as to what he can get to while mommy is indisposed at the moment. So I set micah down in his bed, Then i grab max. Max likes to be snuggled...ALOT. This doesnt bother me because Micah rarely allows it anymore. So i hold my cheek to his forhead while I hold him and he will be asleep in no time. Abby continues to play quietly at this time which is usually when I make a yt video. HOWEVER, Micah decided as of lately that he doesnt want to sleep longer than 45 minutes. So I have to be quick!

I run my house by a pretty tight schedule after the boys have been born. It keeps things much more sane (if you can even believe that) and it makes for easier things. I find. 
Not too tight where i cant go anywhere but i try ti keep them pretty close to their nap schedule. Why? because if you havent seen or witnessed a cranky toddler...I don't wish that upon anyone. Look out world if they don't get a nap. I don't mean that in a cute way. I mean that in a Look out world...shit won't get done and if it does you'll have to hold them the whole time while doing it. Or toys will be flying...whichever. 

Now, i described this scenario of my every day morning/afternoon because i wanted to show you what I do. If i made it seem like my boy were hellions, they really aren't. It comes with the age of testing the waters...seeing how far they can go before mom snaps. Two is far worse than 1 at this age so I cant imagine triplets or anything more. 

The boys really are sweet though. Max still will snuggle me as I stated before. He willingly gives me smooches still and hold my neck so tight when I hug him. He has this sneaky face he makes when he's about to test the waters with me. As cute as it is...I can't give in. Because the moment i do, shit will hit the fan (maybe even literally). Opening doors like that will lead it to an every day routine & problem.
 Max finally has just about all this teeth and is the happiest boy. His hair is curly! I even think Abby will have a lil curly haired twin. He likes reactions out of people. even if it's bad ones. He is bonded with my mil. He loves hanging around her and will forget I am even there.He's very talkative and likes to tell me "mama cars" or mama...something.. although his tongue tie is preventing much pronunciation, he is doing way well!!!
 Micah is my rough houser. He likes to play fight and wrestle. Lately, he's been tackling Max to do so. But max gets mad and smacks him. He will play fight with just about anyone. He's a goofball like abby. He finds everything funny and is so ticklish. Max is ticklish but he hates to laugh. Micah, is always laughing unless he's pissed that max took his toy. then, it's a boxing match.

they play well most of the time together..unless Max decides he wants what micah is playing with. He will get it. Same the other way around too. They fight alot but they will also tell eachother sorry if they hurt the other one. There's a major bond there. It may not be visible to everyone else, but i enjoy watching them conversate in their language and enjoying eachothers company. Micah is bonded to kayleigh. I think he sees her as a mom when I am not around.  He was bonded to abby, and he still is when it comes to goofing off but lately he's been wanting kay to hold him when he gets a boo boo etc. it's very sweet.

Kayleigh is so huge now. Shes about to my boob in height. I am 5'7 1/2. I am not short. I have a feeling she will be taller than me. She is gorgeous though and already is starting the attitude thing. She's still the sweet ole kayleigh but watch out if she's in a bad mood. She's doing very well in school and is in the top of her class. She has a few best friends that she loves to play with. Most of the time she would rather play in her own room by herself with her dolls. She has a pretty wicked sense of style though and I love it. I love that she can express herself through clothes. Lately she pretends to be gothic with her makeup. I think she learned that from monster high. Which is her favorite thing ever right now.
I rarely get snuggles from kay. That kinda left with her age when she turned 5. In public she won't hold my hand anymore or hug me unless I ask. Its sad but occasionally at home she will come lay with me so I cant be too sad. She's growing up. Sad, but true.

  Is talking up a storm. Like she has been since she started talking. She is pronunciating a hell of a lot more now from school and is loving preschool. Every one in her class loves her. I noticed especially the boys. That's still my tomboy. She dresses any way she wants with an exception to if it's appropriate for weather or what not. She has a best friend named gavin. They do everything together. She is very outgoing and has recently learned to write her name. She writes it everywhere. The boys follow abby around and she loves it. She loves taking on the big sister role when kay is at school. I let her pour her own drinks and help around the house to let her feel even bigger.  She is also getting tall. She is built more like i was as a kid but hell, she is strong. She is so snuggly and loves to cuddle with me all the time. Kay is more of a daddies girl where as abby loves on every body. I am so grateful to have such sweet kids.

That folks is my summary. We are getting ready for the holidays- which i am terribly excited. Micah has been asking to play with ryan. We will see him the 22nd. The kids will all have so much fun. I love gifting people!! It's especially exciting to watch your kids receive from santa.

If i dont write soon, happy holidays from our family to yours. Happy new year and I will see you all soon!

Much love!!!

Lia and family

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