Thursday, June 24, 2010

19 weeks

Let's see, my last post was written on my other blog. That was mostly venting. So now, with this new blog- I am going to write things about my pregnancy!!! :D Let's get to it!!!

How I am feeling:
Hmmm that's an interesting question! haha I am...Great! Besides the frequent back pain, indigestion (which is pretty regular now), lack of sleep, and not being able to breathe that well!
That's a lot to list and it makes pregnancy sound terrible, but it doesn't happen to everybody so NO worries!!! I do still pee a lot! and I am very sick of drinking just water...It gets boring! My sleep has been affected due to my hips getting heavier and just not being able to get comfortable...My allergies have been INSANE! I have a constant stuffy nose and I sneeze non stop from the time I wake up till about 10 am, then it'll start up again around sucks! I cant decide yet when I want to stop working either...might not be far away. We'll see :D

Symptoms around this time & ones I am experiencing!:

1.Dizziness- yep, I have that one, only if I don't drink enough water though and it doesn't last long

2.Increased Allergies- Yep, have that one too :/

3.Back pain- yep

4.Sensitivity to the sun- yeah, I do and I don't understand why preggy people get this one?

5.Constipation- Not thanks to my prenatals! WOO!

6.Hearty Appetite- Of course! I catch myself snacking ALL day. It's insane! Like a never-ending HUNGRY!

7. Glow of pregnancy- Haven't really noticed? although my skin is a ton better!

8. Stretchmarks- ugh, those things are evil! Luckily thanks to my vitamin E soap bar, and non stop lathering of the belly everyday, I don't have any yet!!!

9. Decrease in urination- Um...not

10. Swelling- Only on my fingers! Luckily, I am ok everywhere else but I am watching my sodium intake which is a good idea to prevent that.

What're the babies doing, you ask?

WELL, after reading NON stop books and googling a million times a day I'll tell you :D

Each fetus is responsible for producing its own amniotic fluid which before this week the placenta did this. Crazy, right! You can also see the babies kicking each other a lot!!! I find that adorable and Id like to see that one for myself, personally. Doctors also say because of the constant kicking-they are observant of each other...again that is cute!
They are more coordinated and can yawn. most importantly, after this week alone, the babies brains produce and grow at an insane rate. Now there nervous system is coming together...thus the kicking....OOOOh sibling rivalry starting early :D lol

How big is my uterus?

that sounds personal and TMI!!! However, since this is a baby blog...I'll tell you !!! :D

The singleton mom can feel her uterus at her belly button around now...Me, I have it 2-3 inches higher since i have that additional amniotic pool :D thus, making it much harder for me to breathe....

if you have any questions, ASK
I hope this was entertaining and somewhat informational!! I will talk to you soon when I am...21 ish weeks :D



  1. How can the babies breathe if they're covered in amniotic fluid? Don't they need air?

    PS I love the pictures and background for this, it's so cute.

  2. Good question Nadine :D
    this better explains the process :The baby gets all the oxygen it needs purely from the umbilical cord which recieves it's oxygen from the placenta which acts as a go between the mother's and the baby's circulatory systems. The baby does practice breathing in the womb but it's only taking in a little fluid and it doesn't hurt them at all. When they are being born the excess fluid is squeezed out of the lungs.

  3. Thanks, Lia. That's fascinating! So interesting how it all changes. Wow.