Sunday, June 27, 2010

4 Days of anticipation!

Officially 4 days today.

4! that is incredible! It's kind of flown by and I am just in shock.I am so ready to find out the genders of our babies so we can choose names and finally shop for cute little clothes/nursery accessories etc.

Since the 19th week post, movement has actually been everyday. I'm beginning to think the babies heard/felt my stressing worry and decided to be little fidgety beans!
So now, I get the pleasure of feeling the movement everyday. Nothing really enhances it or causes the movements to occur, it's just very random and most of the time, when I am laying down. This makes me believe they will be quite the wiggly duo when they're born. haha for mommies sake, let's hope they are pretty lazy/chill babies. :D

Anyways, on another note- My belly feels HUGE! I took a picture the other day and when looking back at it, realized I am just almost the size I was near the end with Abigail. That scares me because I am only almost 20 weeks!!! AHHHHhhh!!! Let's hope I am still mobile by then!

Keep your eyes peeled for my next update. It'll be after july 1st. Hopefully the next couple of days fly by!!!
thank you for those who read and keep up with me!!!
Now, it's time for a snack...haha go figure :D

xoxoxo Lia


  1. You are a super mommy Lia!! Love reading your posts,you are putting in so much effort into this blog!Take care and sleep well(I have to say it,even if you have heard that a million times :D)