Friday, August 20, 2010

27 weeks +3 Days

Doctor's appointment was again successful today! Went in for another ultrasound and then a follow up :D
  The boys are looking very good! Both weigh 2 lbs. 5 oz each and are neck and neck in the length/size measurements so they are doing perfect! They are laying like a ying-yang exactly and looked really cramped in there!!! Twin A (the lower lying one) really doesn't like to show his face...ever. Every time we go in for an ultrasound he must sense it because he starts hiding and no one has seen his face yet!!! I wanna see the profile so bad, it's killing me!!!!On the other hand, Twin b is a spotlight kinda guy. He loves posing and we found him smiling ALOT into the screen today. We even got a glimpse of him opening his mouth really wide! 

                             Baby B

He's smiling!


         Baby A (If you look closely you'll see his head on the left)

   I've gained a total of around 40 lbs and it's still pretty much all baby and padonky! I have about 5 lbs. total of baby weight right now and the doctor said I was measuring about full term size for a singleton pregnancy. Makes me hella nervous for the next two months if I'm already that big. Like I said in earlier entries- Once I hit 30 weeks I am definitely not going to be seen by anybody...I don't want anymore comments on how huge I am...I really cant stress that enough. I don't ever want to hear how big I am again.really.

   Ok so more on the bouncy,healthy baby boys!!!
this week they can see light and hear sounds just like last week! I have 88 days left until my fullterm pregnancy is complete. Hiccups are more frequent and noticeable now and I actually have been feeling them from twin B all week!!!! It's like a non stop timed twitch. In the next few weeks though he will gain fat to fill out their appearance and the immune systems are still maturing :D

On the ultrasound it was neat seeing how big they are now compared to 23 weeks.

Now to me and my changes/cravings/peeves...whichever!!! lol

-I am not really swelling besides in my fingers
-I am sick of food. SOunds weird but nothing this week sounds yummy,everything sounds disgusting
-My hips hurt during the night or if I lay too long on my left side
-Still have complete numbness of both arms occasionally during sleep
-My sleep schedule still sucks, I've been waking up around 3-4 times.
- My lovely shirts no longer fit because my belly is falling out of them lol
-I have been craving non stop beer, which is ok because as of today my doctor said I can drink O'douls!!!! This sadly, makes me excited because Ive, like i mentioned, been craving it everyday!!!!
-I cant put shoes or socks on because i cant even reach them!
-I am done working in 3 more shifts
- i am tired yet again...quite frequently especially since my oldest is now in school.
-I waddle like no ones business
-my hips are sore
-All I want for breakfast/lunch/dinner is either egg sandwiches (weird, i know) and captain crunch cereal. That really cant be healthy for my waistline!

                                 My belly

My feelings this month are...anxiety ridden. With work coming to an end I'm worried about affording bills as well as the new house (which we move into in a little more than 3 weeks. I am stressed about packing, what TO pack/what to sell and mostly meeting and taking care of these babies. Everyone says it'll be ok or that I will do just fine...but that doesn't necessarily mean i will or that I can do it and satisfy my other kids "mommy needs". There's got to be a reason that I am having twins to add to my already hectic life.i am terrified. No one knows this feeling either except those who have multiples. So, i end up bottling it all up inside and trying to enjoy the time i do have with my girls before life gets even crazier. this is why I am full of anxiety. Not even my husband can understand it.
 Hopefully next week i'll be better...until we move and set up everything perfectly it probably wont lol
On a side note- Im debating on belly pictures with my updates. If you like them, i will do them. :D
My next ultrasound is in 3 weeks. after my baby shower and the day before (literally) that we move. I wont have internet right away so this update will have to do until I can get set up at the new place.Thanks so much for reading and i'll talk to you all soon!!!



  1. Hi Lia, it's so exciting following you're pregnancy. So glad that all is going to plan, but eek at moving in the middle. I hope that all goes really well & that you're soon settled in your new home. I also hope that your little girl's first day at school went well and she's enjoying it. I still remember my eldest's first day and she's now 19, bigger eeek!!
    Sending love and good wishes for that move. Gilly x

  2. Totally amazing how your body can support two babies it amazes me with one but two! I'm sure you're hating the tummy but honestly I think it's the most beautiful precious thing!

    :) Hope your handling your baby bein in school I couldn't even begin to imagine!