Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My oldest starts kindergarten tomorrow. I went tonight and met her teacher & saw her classroom. This is going to be such an emotional day. I was looking around the classroom and saw all the things she'd be learning...it made me proud but sad that she won't be hanging around with me all day. She'll love it, and she'll make good friends but it's just surreal how big my first born is. Next is first grade...then eventually middle school. 
  It'll be quite a shock to make her dad wake up with me at 6:45 and get lil kayleigh butt up for school and there by 7:50. that's friggan early. Even for me!!!
   What's also cute is that she'll have gym class, every other day. That little stinker doesn't realize how worn out she will be by the end of the night...especially with gym class!!! It was so cute. I am such a proud mama...but tomorrow marks the first day of my beautiful first child growing up and starting school. Let's see how I hold up. 

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