Thursday, July 29, 2010

24 weeks and 2 days.

-This month is severe growing time...I'm talking "big MAMA " status now. Even what my husband likes to call, "panda bear". Cute right? Way Better than "damn huge elephant woman!" 
   Since my last post, Quite a few things have been changing with the boys, and no so much me :D To start they should weigh about hmmm, I'm going to guess and say 1.6-1.8 pounds each. Terrific growth! They should be about the size of corn on the cob, which makes me wonder every day how the hell they are fitting into such a tight space...but that explains the uncontrollable bladder. 
-This week alone the babies have rapidly developing senses and are able to sense upside down and vice versa. They can also hear my voice as well as others...Like my daughters/husbands!  This would be the perfect time to start singing and reading to them although,I always felt weird doing that part so I just cranked up the music I loved and hoped they would do a jig or learn to love what I love as well. They are also producing "surfacent" if that's spelled right. This is like an oily substance that will help expand their lungs and kick start them once they are out of my tummy :D It's just amazing the many transitions and things they go through just to bake perfectly :D

   As for me this week, I finally had what us preggy people or already existing mothers like to call...Sausage toes. I am no longer able to stand for long periods of time or walk without getting those beautiful puppies. Ha, beautiful my butt. So uncomfortable! Gladly, I can officially stop working august 30th. Sounds way far away but I need to try to pay down my bills before husband has the job of doing so...oh and buying all the baby stuff.Sheeeesh, I always forget how expensive that stuff is.
 OFF subject,
where was I? Oh yeah...
I can breathe, but I tend to get short of breath a lot and feel my blood pressure go up. I need to keep it down so I don't have to end up doing the dreaded bed rest. Especially since that is virtually impossible with 2 kids already! 
  I also have a terrible symptom I don't recall with my girls. That is my arms going numb when I sleep at night. Weird right? I can't seem to figure out why this is. Bad circulation? Doubtful. Could it be part of carpal tunnel syndrome? VERY likely considering I've had that twice with both girls. Never the numbness though. We'll have to wait till my next appointment to see :/

Here are some other ongoing symptoms I still have though :
Round ligament pain
leg cramps at night
Glow of pregnancy
Change in sexual desire...TMI..sorry LOL
Hearty Appetite
Sleep Changes
Heartburn like a bitch.
Now elephant feet
Spine curving due to my huge Padonky.

other than that, everything else is a piece of cake. MMmmm cake, why do I do this to myself!

Cravings this week
Obviously that scrumptious cake
Soda Soda Soda
STEAK!!! I need it. 

not too much different than other times...
My next appointment is...very soon. Another ultrasound as well as checkup. :D Until my 25th week, I'll talk to you all later!!!




  1. my arms were numb pretty much my whole pregnancy w/ Chloe and my midwife chalked it up to carpal tunnel. now a few of my fingers randomly twitch. weird, huh? yay! corn on the cob baby boys! :)

  2. Aww, size of corn on the cob. Do the boys move more when they hear voices?

    Eesh, I have the same problem when I sleep. I should probably get that checked out since I'm not pregnant. lol

  3. I know it's supposed to be super rewarding and stuff, but pregnancy just sounds painful to me. haha I'm sure you'll love the ending though. "And they'll live happily ever after!" Awwww. :)

  4. Taylor- I guess it must be carpal tunnel then. Weird, I've never heard of numbness occurring!!!

    ChiChi- I havent noticed if their movement is more frequent with me talking or anything. I'll have to try that and let you know!!! Good question!

    Nadine- haha I don't mean for it to sound scary, symptoms are different for everybody. I mean, pregnancy with my first was a cake walk!!! :D