Monday, July 5, 2010

21 weeks

21 weeks tomorrow.
  It's starting to finally go faster. For awhile It was going slow,at least to me. Now that i've had the ultrasound and I know what the lil boys seems to fly by! 
  It's interesting and exciting, the fact that as I am writing this my stomach is just a punching bag from all directions. I love feeling them move, even more so I am in more love just thinking about holding my boys in just  a few short months. I catch myself imagining what they look like, if they look alike how much they will weigh etc. My mind is just cluttered with all possibilities. 
 Sure, the price of having a baby is stretch marks, sleepless nights, insane stress and an empty wallet. To be honest, None of that matters to me anymore. I never wanted babies until I met jared. He was the one I wanted kids with because his heart is made of gold and my love for him was infinite. Each and every baby we've created together are both blessings, miracles and something I would NEVER change for the world. 
  Yes, 4 kids scares me. Especially at the age of 25. I've come to terms with the whole "god doesn't give us what we cant handle" term though. I am perfectly accepting of the fact that he thinks I can do it. That's what excites me. He knows I have enough love to give to both and then some. what scared me before, is totally not what scares me now..all things change with the news of twins. Different ball game. 
My next steps are to make sure I can provide for all my loves. New house...Ive talked about this for awhile, but We need it more than anything. That's my number one priority in the planning of my boys. 
  The nursery ideas are already set in stone in my mind. I already know what I want. Maybe that comes with being a taurus. Now, I leave the naming to my husband. He's adorable. He's been thinking of the most adorable and the silliest names ever. Because of that, we had to change up the rules a bit. It's still his job to name them...HOWEVER, I have to approve. :D this makes it a lot easier! ;)
  Basically in ending what I want to get across is...Sure there are a ton of things that you have to sacrifice and watch your body go through during pregnancy...but hell, the good outweighs the bad, stretch marks fade drastically and kids grow fast. So instead of my sulking about how huge I am- I need to remember I am creating two special beings...that is a miracle. Everything else, is excess baggage.

xoxo until next time. 

Here is my updated 21 weeks pic. ;)


  1. Aww...I loved your post dear. You obviously will be able to handle it though, because, as you said, God doesn't give you what you can't handle. Besides, you have a husband and two older daughters that will be able to help. Just remember that and all will be well.

  2. Beautiful post and I believe that you'll be able to handle it.