Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's finally done!

As Much as I love throwing birthday parties for my lil princesses, It gets tiring and stressful!!!
Luckily, That day was yesterday. It's over and done with now but the turnout for the girls was awesome and the party was successful!
   I tried to sleep in for once (HA!) Saturday morning, but I was woken up by a really quiet, small voice singing something to the sorts of..."Today we are going to art sports for my birthday party..." right next to my ears! I turned around and noticed my now 5 year old, kayleigh all dressed with shoes AND socks ready to rock the day out...
 "Kayleigh ,hunny...what're you doing?? It's only 8:30?!" To which then she proceeded to remind me yet again that it was the big day!!! So cute. It's funny, I cant get them dressed fast enough for anything else, but hell- when it's a bday party I can expect them up earlier than me. Adorable.
   The party wasn't until 4pm, so we just hung out and went to lunch before. Abigail didn't want to take a nap. I didn't think that was a good idea, but then again the other mommy part of me wanted to wear her out for an early bedtime. Is that wrong? Poor munchkin! she is so persistent and did not fall asleep once...
   Once we got there-kayleigh and Abigail were both ready to play play play!! I had to stop them and get everything organized and situated. The kids from her class started showing up, one by one...How exciting considering past bday parties with my kayleigh were a fail and no kids showed. That warmed my heart to see her so happy to see some of her friends from school. They both started running around, ready to go jump on trampolines and fall into pits of foam (totally fun if i wasn't an elephant) . They played with their friends for about an hour and a half then it was time for cake and the much awaited...presents!!!
   The two didn't care for food much because hell, being a kid the only thing that matters is presents...who cares about food unless it's cake!
  So they went at it,and got loaded on some really cute things. Thank god (emphasizing this part) that we cleaned out kayleighs room beforehand and rid the room of unwanted,unloved toys...Because now..we are going to have to reload it with all her baby dolls etc! Insane how spoiled kids are!

  Anywho, needless to say the girls had a wonderful day. I am thrilled that they did but also very worn out. It was worth every minute to see them smile and have fun though. :D Now, that July is officially over, the next big thing I really am awaiting is the day I pop these lil ninja boys out...November 16th. That is, if I don't go beforehand.<3


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