Tuesday, July 13, 2010

22 Weeks!

I'm hoping I don't annoy anyone by posting what looks like every week entries.Milestones tend to change though and I love blogging about those changes.

Alright, 22 weeks! My sons now weigh about 12 oz. or probably even 13-14. I definitely don't notice myself gaining weight other than my stomach area because it feels like my little boys are taking literally everything I eat. I feel like I get nothing. lol which is pretty comedic. It'll probably make it easy to lose once they are here. I look like I am all baby, or babies i should say :D
As for weight gain, I've gained 19 lbs. Sounds like a lot, but it's actually right on target of where I need to be. My doctor says I need to gain a total of 50-60 lbs so that all sounds about right. I usually don't gain a lot anyways until my last trimester. My cravings haven't really at all been cravings and I tend to stick to the smaller meals/snacking throughout the day routine. Seems to be working. It's insane how different this pregnancy is with everything than when I was carrying my girls.

Symptoms during 21-22 weeks and If I am experiencing them:

Nasal stuffiness- Not so much anymore, it has finally subsided :D

Bleeding gums<--this sounds terrible, it should be better labeled at "sensitive gums" no, I don't have this one :D

Sensitivity to sun- My eyes, yes. everything seems to strain it outside. 

Constipation- Luckily no. 

Anemia- Not that I know of?

Leakage from Nipples- not to freak anyone out but, yes. Right about now is when multiple pregnancies start producing milk...

Abdomen larger- Ooooh yes. LOL

Stretch marks- Not yet. Since im looking "ready to pop" now I'm sure i'll get my fair share of them soon.

Sleep changes- Yes. I sleep terribly due to my hips.

decrease in urination- not even close....still. lol

What about my cravings???
Well, I haven't really experienced anything really. Thus, why I stated it's been a totally different pregnancy. You'd think with two in there you'd have twice the cravings. Not so much for me. The only things Ive craved this week were

weird, right? 

That's pretty much my 22 weeks update. Kind of short...somewhat informational...and hopefully fun? I'll post a belly pic later on this week, if not wait until my 23 week.
 I have my next ultrasound/glucose test/checkup next thursday, july 22. until then- I have a busy busy week of readying my girls for their birthdays :D 
Thanks for reading. If you have any questions- feel free to ask :D

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  1. Nope, the weekly postings don't bother me at all. I like reading what you're going through since it's not my turn. (Does that make sense, or does it make me sound crazy?)

    That's funny you say the boys "take" your food. My old neighbor had 5 yr old twin boys and they still take her food. LoL. She's also pregnant right now, she's due on the 23rd.

    I saw your tweet about the Captain Crunch. lol I hope everything goes well with your glucose test next week.