Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ultrasound shocker!

This morning I woke up to ready myself for a much anticipated ultrasound scan!
the appointment was at 8 am and I was super anxious!!!
    my husband and I had to take my daughters to my parents house during the appointment because they didn't allow more than 2 people in the room. When we went back they squeezed that warm gooey ultrasound liquid on my belly and got started!!
    She started with Baby A and started checking for all anatomy etc and making sure everything was ok...then BAm..."yep, this one's a boy" 
Holy shit! How in the....a boy? Seriously? then the tears started flowing...then I looked over at my husband to see him in complete bliss. He wanted this since we could remember. I always wanted a boy myself. my inside thought..."yay we have one boy!!!!" He weighed 12 oz!  then it was time to start checking baby B :D

   Now, I was extremely paranoid that they weren't going to be able to find baby b or something was wrong. Total opposite and a huge sigh of relief when I  found my other baby was just perfect. :D she started to search but the little stinker kept moving....what a wiggle worm! then hit again with ANOTHER shocker...."this one's a boy also!" this little one weighed 11 oz! 

 lost my breathe! How in the world did this happen? I thought we were only capable of girls and here is proof we now have evened out the odds and will have two little precious sons to go with our darling lil princesses. I am extremely lucky. I feel so blessed. Now, we watch them grow some more, we choose some names, start shopping and ready ourselves for the future welcoming of our sons...

it's unbelievable to say that...

My son (twin A)

And my other son...(twin B)

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  1. I was right!! YAY! go pick out some adorable names for your