Thursday, July 22, 2010

23 weeks +2 days

My appointment was today!
   Woke up at 630 to get everyone out the door on time. I was scheduled to do an anatomy ultrasound, glucose test, and follow up with my doctor! Everything went great. I watched my sons squirm and fight already! Son B was kicking Son A in the head...I guess that means sibling rivalry is starting early after all!
    The reason behind not saying names yet is because we are in the process of still choosing the best possible names for our sons. It's harder than you think. To find something that will stick with them for the rest of their lives is difficult because you don't want something that can cause them to be made fun of and you want something that fits the family perfect. Nicknames also have to be picked out with both to make sure they don't sound dumb as well. For instance Kayleighs nickname is Kaybear, Abigails nickname is Abby or Abby jae. They fit perfectly.
     Besides finding their names, I already got to see their shiny little faces. Son B was up by my lung area and was more than willing to give us the perfect side profile. He has his daddy's nose already. I can see it.

and son A (the lower sitting son) wasn't too sure he wanted to be seen yet...He was being shy. However, he did decide to show a part of his personality already by grinning at the screen like he was saying "HA HA" Like I said, you'll have to look closely, his face is on the left :D

Can you see it? My boys seem to have a since of humor already!
They both weighed great! one at 1 lb. 5oz and the other one 1 lb. 3 oz. So not too different which is perfect.

before the ultrasound I had to guzzle down the not so yummy  glucose drink. Yuck! Thank god they've added more flavors to their selection compared to 5 years ago. I had to literally chug it before I went in and then wait an hour for them to draw blood. Let me just say that this pregnancy does not like sweet all. Besides the cake,chocolate I mean. The fact that I had to consume it within that time limit as well at 830 am almost made me hurl.'s over and done with now. Hopefully good results, considering multiple pregnancies tend to have mommies carry high blood pressure or diabetes. :/

It's always nice seeing the growth and knowing everything is going smoothly. I noticed pregnant people tend to worry a lot AKA Me. What better a gift than to see my two boys play/fight on the ultrasound tv today for my anniversary!   

Nothing much has changed minus my circumference yet again. I popped out into what my sister in law and I call a torpedo shape. I cant wear much of the same clothes and I am burning up in this weather. My hips hurt really bad at night during my CRAPPY sleep and although I still use a preggy pillow, it doesn't seem to help in most cases. My meal portions have been cut down to snack portions and I can no longer eat a huge meal. Otherwise horrible indigestion will accrue and what feels like acid reflux. I haven't swelled up anymore and  total weight gain is 21 lbs. Not too shabby. And that my friends is my update!!!
I'd better go snack on something now so the lil stinkers can continue to grow, I'll update soon!


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