Monday, July 19, 2010

So I figured

I figured that since this is my "mommy-kids" blog that i should do more blogging about my other angels and not just my pregnancy. Time passes quickly and I want to be able to look back and remember these things in writing...

July is such a busy month.
  I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to create a good celebration for my girls' bday parties as well as make sure they have a great actual birthday.
  Abigail turned 2 on july 15th. It's insane thinking that she's two already. She's my baby and she's changed so much. Just one more year and she'll be in preschool. How emotional I will be!!! We went to chuck E Cheese for her birthday and she had a blast. She somehow made 79 tickets and bought herself 2 suckers and an airhead. Which, she shared a sucker for sissy.
   Next is Jareds birthday. Which is tomorrow!!! I gave him his present early because I suck at keeping surprises...I get too excited. I am hoping to have a wonderful day with him though. July 22nd is our anniversary! Another big celebration! See what I mean? July is nuts!!! I am planning on taking him to the place we got married for a nice dinner.
   July 23rd is Kayleighs birthday. She will be a big 5. My first born is already 5 and such a bright, beautiful little girl. So emotional as well. I tear up thinking that soon she'll be starting kindergarten. It's a beautiful thing watching your first baby grow and learn things like crawling,walking,talking,singing,playing, using her imagination,making friends etc. She's a beautiful young lady and I want nothing to ever harm her. Of course not Abigail either, but Kayleigh is my precious one. She's so fragile and emotional that it breaks me to see someone be mean to her. Abigail will be able to hold her own...she's a lot like her mama.
    The girls are having a dual bday party for friends and family this saturday. Kayleigh is so excited to see some of her classmates and of course to get presents. After this weekend, it's the end of such a hectic month and the start of readying my oldest for school. :D it'll be weird having her gone for a full day, but she'll learn so much.
   that's my post on my children and why I have been so busy. I'll update tomorrow probably since I will officially be 23 weeks and i'll talk a little bit about that. For now, I'll end it on a great note by thinking about memories on my babies...

don't take anything for granted because life flies by and your children are not children forever. They grow and become independent. It makes you wish they still relied on mommy to make everything better.



  1. July was a busy month in my house too (3 birthdays). That was sweet of Abigail to share her sucker with her sister. Happy early Anniversary! Kayleigh's birthday is 3 days before mine.

  2. Thank you ChiChi!
    she's pretty good about sharing with her sister :D
    happy belated birthday if I missed it!!!